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The mission of Rock Solid Oy is to initiate the internationalization of Finnish companies in the German market and to support the business activity in the market.

“You do what you do best. We will share your expertise with your target group in Germany. "


Rock Solid Oy is an important player in the development of business and the internationalization of companies in Finland.

We at Rock Solid Oy want to help others and be successful where they are at their best.

We can do this through an understanding of the local culture and markets. We are passionate about what we do and encourage others to do their best.

“You must trust and believe in people or life becomes impossible”, Anton Chekhov

As a business, you have a wonderful opportunity with Rock Solid Oy to expand your experience with Finnish companies and expand your business to North.

Our customers are selected Finnish companies that want to establish a partnership on the German market or found markets for their products and services.

Accelerate your business further with Nordic know-how and products from Finland!


Rock Solid


Die Mission von Rock Solid Oy ist es, die Internationalisierung finnischer Unternehmen auf dem deutschen Markt in Gang zu setzen und die Geschäftstätigkeit auf dem Markt zu unterstützen.

„Du machst das, was du am besten kannst. Wir werden Ihr Fachwissen mit Ihrer Zielgruppe in Deutschland teilen.“


Rock Solid Oy ist ein wichtiger Akteur bei der Entwicklung des Geschäfts und der Internationalisierung von Unternehmen in Finnland.

Wir alle möchten anderen helfen und dort erfolgreich sein, wo sie am besten sind.

Wir können dies durch ein Verständnis der lokalen Kultur und Märkte. Wir sind begeistert von dem, was wir tun, und ermutigen andere, ihr Bestes zu geben.

“You must trust and believe in people or life becomes impossible”, Anton Chekhov

Als deutsches Unternehmen haben Sie eine wunderbare Möglichkeit mit Rock Solid Oy die Erfahrung mit den finnischen Firmen und das Geschäft zu erweitern.

Unsere Kunden sind ausgewählte finnische Firmen, die auf dem deutschen Markt oder mit deutschen Unternehmen eine Partnerschaft gründen möchten.

Treiben Sie Ihr Geschäft weiter mit dem Nordischen Know-How und den Produkten von Finnland!


Neos IT Services has worked with Rock Solid Oy for many years and have never failed to be impressed with its customer centric, pragmatic and friendly approach to business.

The quality of the work they produce is second to none and through fully understanding a partner’s requirements, they ensure companies are able to quickly make well qualified business decisions.

The companies they have introduced us to have been very well researched and have provided us with the precise solutions, business opportunities and / or partnerships we were looking for.

I highly recommend Rock Solid as a market entry or business development partner.

Robin Parr
Managing Director
Neos It Services GmbH


OiOi Collective Oy wanted to expand its business to Germany. Rock Solid Oy took up the challenge and started cooperating, where we wanted to target the piloting of our product KickIt's market and contacts in a really demanding segment, the Bundesliga.

The timing for the corona also brought its own challenge but we decided to move on. Preliminary studies and preparations were done together and carefully, profiling the individuals to whom the piloting would take place in the target organization.

After a few months, we got the first interested parties and meetings organized. In addition, Rock Solid arranged contacts with a couple of other major organizations where discussions are ongoing.

We will continue the project with Rock Solid because we believe our collaboration will bring even more significant results in the future.

Sami Kämppi
Co-Founder & Partner
OiOi Collective Oy

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